Vanity Kills(UK)



next up,
the uk release of vanity kills.

this was the third single from the album.

Two music videos were made by the band ABC. The UK video shows the four band members moving
against a dark background, using simple stop motion camera tricks. The US version, directed by
Peter Care, has a spoken prologue and epilogue, and presents Martin Fry and Mark White as noir
detectives, investigating a variety of shady American characters.

this is a nice little mix, that is different
from the album version.

quite a few other mixes were made of this song.
with an initial mix ‘the abigails party mix’ being
on the original cassette and cd.

the b-side was a strange instrumental, with
a few vocals, called judy’s jewels.

listen here:


download here:

next up is track 17, the instrumental
how to be a billionaire.

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  1. The (Mendelsohn MIx) of “Vanity Kills” has always been my absolute (no pun intended) favorite remix of an ABC song. Perfection!

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