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abc – tower of london (extended)


and finally,
the extended remix
of tower of london.

this is a mostly instrumental
mix of the album version.

it’s very cool, and long,
and has some nice
drum breakdowns in it.

it still is not on cd.

listen here:

download here:

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abc – vanity kills (mendelsohn mix)




next up,
the very cool UK remix
of vanity kills.

why this never made it onto
the US 12″, i’ll never know.

the USA mix is very inferior
i think. same with the artwork, etc.

this mix, is more in line with
the previous ones for millionaire,
and be near me. the artwork matches,
and also they get the weird b-side,
judy’s jewels.

lots of energy, and coolness…

it still is not on cd.

julian mendelsohn does a class act on it.

listen here:


download here:

last up is track 10 from disc 2,
tower of london (extended)

abc – be near me (ecstasy mix)



next up,
the other remix of
be near me.

this was on the b-side of
the original remix in the US,
but not the UK. weird.

but it would appear on many,
many,many other releases,
such as vanity kills, ocean
blue, etc.

it still is not on cd.

i like the vocoder, electro sound
of it.

listen here:


download here:

next up is track 7 from disc 2,
vanity kills(the mendelsohn mix)

How to be a Zillionaire (Nickel and Dime Mix)







next up,
the re-release version of
how to be a zillionaire.

this was the second release of
the zillionaire single, mostly in US
and Canada, after the hit ‘be near me’.

it’s a more straightforward mix,
that is like the album, but extended.

listen here:


download here:

next up is track 5 from disc 2,
be near me (ecstasy mix)